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is an intuitive

conduit for

Divine Energy

Vicki Kindy grew up in the desert of Southern California. From an early age, she experienced the world as nonsensical and confusing, feeling lost and disconnected. This dissatisfaction led her to seek meaning and connection. Efficient and capable, she developed a successful and profitable property management company. She also explored religious life through church attendance. But these efforts did not bring the expected joy and satisfaction. Religion, professional work, and family life did not provide the spiritual connection she desired.

In 2015, Vicki was introduced to the Life Force energy work of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. She immediately knew that this was the spiritual path she had been seeking. As she began to receive Biofield Energy Transmissions from Mr. Trivedi, and listened carefully to his teachings, her spiritual connection with the Divine deepened.

Vicki realized that she has a gift to guide people towards elevating their consciousness so that they are able to harness the Divine energy. She is focused on her profound development and to utilize the Divine endowments she has gotten, dedicatedly and passionately towards bringing in positive transformation. She helps them harness the powerful Life Force energy from the Universe and coordinate this vitality towards plants, animals or people in order to improve all aspects of their life.

Vicki’s natural gift to harness and direct Divine energy was uncovered during her work with Mr. Trivedi. In multiple rigorous laboratory experiments, Vicki’s capacity has been proven and these results have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Vicki is committed to continuing her spiritual growth and using the Divine gifts that she has received for the betterment of plants, animals and humans.

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In collaboration with Mr. Trivedi, Vicki’s healing capacities were tested in strict laboratory conditions following international standards. Cell line studies showed bone mineralization that was more than doubled, and more than six-fold increase of specific related enzymes, compared to control sample. These exceptional results provide independent verification of Vicki’s gift. These results demonstrate the capacity Vicki has to harness Life Force, and direct it for the benefit of others.

“In 2015, I learned about the groundbreaking impact of Life Force energy transmissions by Mahendra Trivedi, known as The Trivedi Effect®. That very moment, I intuitively felt that Mr. Trivedi had a strong connection to the Divine, and I would be able to learn from him. Later, I began my spiritual journey by enrolling in a daily program to receive powerful Life Force energy blessings from Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. Since then I have been experiencing ultimate peace and stability in life.”

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Through the connection with the Divine, Vicki’s natural intuitive healing gifts were revealed and she began to think, feel and function differently. She experienced profound joy for the first time in her life. She saw within herself, and in her own life, the power and benefit of The Trivedi Effect®. This Life Force energy brought healing to her and she began to direct this energy to healing outside of herself. She experienced deep healing within herself, leading her out of senseless confusion, into clarity and purpose.

Vicki Kindy is committed to bring in positive transformations in people’s life. The exceptional results of various scientific experiments provide independent verification of Vicki’s gift. These results demonstrate the capacity Vicki has to harness Life Force, and direct it for the benefit of others.