I absolutely do not feel qualified to give advice to anyone about anything.I will give an opinion if asked and when I have done so with my children I tell them do with it as you will.I am not invested in my point of view for others. Most of my life I was aware I was making choices by the seat of my pants,just make a choice and continue on. Sometimes the choice worked well, other times I was cleaning up my mess, changing direction or sitting in the closet crying my eyes out. I always came out of the closet and started making decisions (choices) again.

So having said this, my advice to anyone who will listen. Go to and learn about Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and sign up for as many blessings as you are fortunate enough to afford.

I am a profoundly fortunate and grateful woman to have been able to receive Blessings from Guruji.I am humbled by the fortune of living in a time when the Creator has blessed the planet with such a Divine gift. Guruji’s gifts are extraordinary and you can read about all the science he has done proving his abilities.

My advice….do with it as you will. Sincerely, Vicki

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