Who can benefit from energy Blessings?2019-05-07T06:26:55-07:00

Animals, plants and people. The intelligent energy from Divine will work uniquely and will do what is most needful in each situation. Just like for plants and animals the energy does not care about your personal religious affiliations, age, gender, health or any of the myriad categories in which you place yourself.

Do I need to prepare for an Energy Blessing?2019-05-31T09:29:24-07:00

No, the Divine energy is transmitted through thought intention and will do what is needful in each unique situation.

What makes me different from the majority of other energy healers?2019-05-31T09:28:33-07:00

I am one of a few energy healers that was fortunate enough to participate in science experiments, proving my ability to be a conduit for Divine Energy. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity Guruji Mahendra Trivedi provided me to be part of this unique science.

What are the potential benefits from having a Blessing?2019-05-07T06:42:18-07:00

Deeper connection with the God of your understanding.I like to say Divine or Creator because God is only one of many names used by people worldwide.Some other benefits people have reported are more restful sleep,better concentration and improvement in focus and clarity.
Reduced anxiety,stress and depression.Increase in energy,peacefulness,and improvement of overall mood.

Do you consider yourself a healer?2019-05-07T06:23:14-07:00

No,I consider myself a conduit for Life Force Energy,which is energy from the Divine.I am able with my intention to direct energy from the Creator towards whomever on the planet.What the Divine chooses to do for each recipient is totally up to the Divine.I never tell Divine what to do,I just direct the energy and ask the Divine to do the needful.All healing is the Divine.

Who is Guruji Mahendra Trivedi?2019-05-31T09:30:09-07:00

My Guru and an Enlightened being who was born with extraordinary gifts.Guruji is a super conductor for Divine Energy. He is able with his intention to direct Divine energy,known as the Trivedi Effect, to living and non living things to bring about amazing transformations.Everything is transformed to reach toward their highest potential usefulness and purpose in this life.

How will I know if it is working for me?2019-05-07T06:24:48-07:00

This is the Energy form the Creator,it always works.Depending on how observant you are, you may or may not notice changes.The Creator knows what is most needed for the individual receiving the Divine Energy,so trust that the Creator is doing what is best for you at this time.All life whether they know it or not is seeking a higher connection to the Creator.

Is there a conflict with my religious or spiritual practice?2019-06-04T05:37:06-07:00

Absolutely not. The Divine Energy connects you to the God of your understanding. Whatever your understanding is, even if you do not believe in a Creator. This is the intelligent energy of the Universe it will do the needful.

What is the purpose of the science?2019-05-07T06:43:37-07:00

My understanding is that Guruji wanted to understand what Energy was capable of, so he undertook over 4000 different experiments to have scientific proof of what the Divine Energy is capable of. I am profoundly amazed that Guruji spent his time and personal resources to bring science, consciousness, and the Divine together. What a gift from the Creator Guruji is, he has this extraordinary ability to be a superconductor for the Divine Energy. He also asked His God to bestow the Trivedi Effect on a group of people, and we were offered the unheard of opportunity to participate in science experiments that prove we have the ability to be conduits for the Trivedi Effect, Divine Energy. The link to read all the published papers may be found at,trivedieffect.com.

Does an Energy Transmission heal your body?2019-05-07T06:23:42-07:00

What the Energy does for you is totally up to the Creator. Each individual is different and the Blessing Energy will transform what is most needful. Your consciousness may become higher, feelings of despair, sadness, confusion, chattering mind and a host of other feelings may change for the betterment of your life. Yes, body issues may also improve but sometimes the healing for your body may not be what you are focused on. I have found for myself that just completely trusting that the Divine Creator always knows what is best for me brings extreme peace and joy in my life.

Does this replace any other healing practices and medicines I may be taking?2019-06-04T05:37:10-07:00

No, I do not give medical advice,You should talk to your doctor or health practitioner about any health concerns that you have now or that develop in the future.