Who can benefit from energy Blessings?2018-06-22T01:19:24+00:00

Animals, plants and people. The intelligent energy from Divine will work uniquely and will do what is most needful in each situation. Just like for plants and animals the energy does not care about your personal religious affiliations, age, gender, health or any of the myriad categories in which you place yourself.

Do I need to prepare for an Energy Blessing?2018-06-22T01:18:41+00:00

No, the Divine energy is transmitted through thought intention and will do what is needful in each unique situation.

What makes me different from the majority of other energy healers?2018-06-22T01:06:14+00:00

I am one of a few energy healers that was fortunate enough to participate in science experiments, proving my ability to be a conduit for Divine Energy. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity Guruji Mahendra Trivedi provided me to be part of this unique science.