When I started listening to Guruji’s webcasts, I more deeply learned about my ability to listen. I first noticed I could not have the chat space visible, it was a distraction. I found myself reading other peoples comments and I was no longer listening. Now I just have full screen of Guruji speaking. Then I noticed when I was listening to Guruji speak if I started trying to put what he was saying into a context that I either agreed with or not, is this actually true for me, have I done this before, should I change how I do things………I am again not listening.

So now I listen with my Spirit and turn off my brain. So if asked right after the webcast I sometimes cannot put the amazingly, profoundly important teachings I have just been graced within a logical order to explain to someone else. But my Spirit has heard and all that I need to know is available to me.

I now know this is true when I listen to anyone, if I am in my brain coming up with my response, I am no longer truly listening.

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