I remember listening to Guruji talk about shame. My understanding of what he said is that shame is a conscious awareness of some action that you took that was incorrect. I know in my life there are things I have said or not said, actions I have taken or not taken that I have felt shame about. The main point I understood from Guruji is shame is not something you want to forget, it is the most useful tool you have not to repeat your shameful choices. I know I remember my shameful moments and it always helps me make better choices now. I remember my shameful moments and I use them to grow and become more consciously aware of my actions, but I do not use them as a hair shirt and beat myself up. To me this would also be a shameful action. I want to remember my shame and use it for my betterment not to keep myself in self-pity.

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A wonderful concise and focused article on recognizing shame and how to use it as a tool in terms of growth and making better choices and to not repeat the same shameful choice. Also to use it in a constructive way to build yourself up and not keep oneself in self- pity.